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Company Ownership and Vision

E2networx is the brainchild of its owner and CEO Sean Owen-Jones. From spending years in the Information and Technology sector as well as representing fortune 500 companies in South Africa Sean has been able to take advantage of emerging technologies and put them at the forefront of his vision. Having recently spent several years the USA where he started and ran his own successful IT company (still in existence) he returned to South Africa pre Covid for personal reasons and decided to put his expertise in the energy sector and put them to good use given the unfortunate power crises that is crippling South African business and homes.

Sean Has used his global connections to source the best technology available and put these solutions into practice in the most cost-effective manner for his customers. These solutions range from basic smart switching devices right up the 3-phase electrical metering and cloud switching relays. This can all be done remotely and managed efficiently in real time for customers.

Now customers can get instant access to their energy usage in real time – like your cell phone bill. In the old days, you just received a bill at the end of the month with no detailed usage. Now e2networx enables customers to get real time energy usage and cut down on unnecessary appliance use (geysers, lights, escalators, air conditioning / heating) and more that waste much needed energy resources. These appliances can be switched on and off with certain AI driven algorithms as it learns your energy needs thereby saving you thousands of Rands per month.
In view of the recently announced Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) by government, e2networx is adequality equipped to assist building owners meet these stringent laws for certification in the most cost effective manner.