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Smart office solutions can bring between 30-50% reduction in energy use

Building design is constantly changing and evolving. However, one thing remains essential: the workplace must deliver maximum comfort for its occupants to boost productivity whilst saving energy. 

Tailor-made automation solutions will not only provide employees with comfort and peace of mind, but will also benefit the business by lowering operational costs and increasing ROI.


After - 55% saving!

Automation of the office lights

Automate the lights and optimize the energy consumption through smart schedules, timers, and extended scripting functionalities. Shelly office automation solutions allow you to automate the lights on each floor separately and set custom schedules for each of them. Set the lights on the operational floors to switch off completely after the working day is over and switch back on only where it is necessary at 7.00 in the morning. This way, you will not have to worry about any forgotten lights and no energy will go to waste.

Temperature control for better productivity

Research shows that employees’ productivity decreases when there are temperature fluctuations in the office. The cooling and heating systems in the building should follow the dynamic changes in the temperatures during the different seasons. Smart schedules combined with advanced temperature & humidity sensors and precise weather data will provide dynamic control of the heating system for an optimal office indoor climate.

Common space automation

Common spaces such as halls, garages, and storage rooms usually have their lights constantly switched on. However, that leads to inefficient usage of energy and unnecessary monthly costs. Shelly Motion2 will ensure the most efficient use of the lights in the common spaces. The motion sensor will switch on the lights when someone enters and will switch them off once the premises are empty.